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The SUPER FORTRESS Level IV female plate is an exceptional ballistic solution designed specifically for women. With a 30-60 M2 AP threat profile, it is capable of stopping even the most powerful rifle rounds, including armor-piercing rounds.

One of the key features of this plate is its use of proprietary nano-engineered polymer combined with state-of-the-art carbon fiber, graphene, and ceramic technology. This advanced composite material allows Balistico to deliver the lightest and most durable advanced armor solutions available on the market.

In addition to the SUPER FORTRESS Level IV female plate, Balistico also offers a family of exceptional ballistic solutions including helmets, shields, and body armor. All of these solutions are made using the same patented composites, ensuring that they are all lightweight, durable, and effective at stopping ballistic threats.

Overall, if you are a woman in need of the highest level of ballistic protection available, the SUPER FORTRESS Level IV female plate from Balistico is an excellent choice. Its advanced composite materials, exceptional threat profile, and specifically designed shape make it one of the most reliable and effective body armor solutions available on the market today for women.