Riot Shield


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Armadillo Style Interlocking Shield

Product Specifications

Basic Information:

  • Name:Interlocking Clear PC Shield 120x55
  • Country of Origin:China

Product Specifications:

  • Material:Clear Polycarbonate.
  • Dimensions:1200 L×550 W×5mm Thickness,5.2 KG Weight.
  • Transparency:≥90%;
  • Kinetic Energy Resistance:147J
  • Stab Resistance:GA422-2008 Standard 20 Joule Resistance;
  • Grip/Joint Sustained Force:≥ 500N

Other Product Features:

  • Tri-grip design using nonslip grips for high stability and reduced weight stress for the carrier. Soft foam padding in arm position for greater protection and a curved design ideal for repelling liquid projectiles. Finished with fire retardant material.